Made with special materials such as crushed granite, soapstone, and Venetian plaster, these paintings feature rougher, textured surfaces that playfully interact with light.

Painted with light absorbing matte finishes, these paintings appear very soft to the eye. In some instances, reflective elements appear alongside matte elements for a dynamic effect.

Oragnic shapes and patterns inspired by the natural world, arranged in radial and linear rhythms. These unique patterns are drawn and painted entirely by hand, and no two are the same.

Areas of high reflection and shine are showcased in these paintings. Emphasizing lines and features of the artwork, light dances across the surface of these pieces.

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Paintings on display at The Iron Goat in Spokane

 Photo of the original, sculpted painting, "The Ribbon", hanging on a brick wall at The Iron Goat Brewery in Spokane, Washington

Hampton Visual paintings will be displayed at The Iron Goat Brewery in downtown Spokane October 5 - 31. It is the studio's second time showing work at the popular brewery on the West end of downtown Spokane.

We will be showing brand new paintings that weren't included in September's showing at First Avenue Coffee. Exciting stuff!

There will be an artist reception on Saturday, October 8th, at 5:00 PM. Come join us for a beer and check out the new work! We would love to see you!

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