About Us

Monica and Scott Hampton


Hello! We are Monica and Scott Hampton, the artists behind Hampton Visual.

After outgrowing our former careers, we started Hampton Visual in January 2018 as a way of reinventing our selves. Each of us had been artists earlier and we sought a return to creative life.

For three years we studied and worked in graphic design: creating logos, becoming hand letterers, and producing a number of products like posters, stickers, and t-shirts.

Even as we enjoyed graphic design, we found ourselves seeking creative expression less centered on technology and mass production. We missed the feel of a paintbrush in our hands; the smell of paint in the air; the unique pride that comes from creating original, one-of-a-kind work.


Monica Hampton painting a mural


The idea of creating murals emerged as a perfect mix of design and painting. In early 2021 we planned and installed our first five murals.

Here’s what we learned:

    • Painting murals is super fun!
    • Murals powerfully transform spaces and have major impact
    • Murals can inspire, and brighten one’s day


At the same time we started painting on canvases together. We dreamt up, planned, and painted pieces together, blending our individual styles into a new approach.

From those early paintings we learned:

    • Painting canvases is so cool!
    • We can totally paint together!
    • Our respective artistic visions work well together


From here our intention is to make the world a little more lovely, one painting and wall at a time, and help our clients transform their spaces into atmospheres of expression.