Made with special materials such as crushed granite, soapstone, and Venetian plaster, these paintings feature rougher, textured surfaces that playfully interact with light.

Painted with light absorbing matte finishes, these paintings appear very soft to the eye. In some instances, reflective elements appear alongside matte elements for a dynamic effect.

Oragnic shapes and patterns inspired by the natural world, arranged in radial and linear rhythms. These unique patterns are drawn and painted entirely by hand, and no two are the same.

Areas of high reflection and shine are showcased in these paintings. Emphasizing lines and features of the artwork, light dances across the surface of these pieces.

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View of somewhat cluttered studio at Hampton Visual, sunny and joyful.
View of somewhat cluttered studio at Hampton Visual, sunny and joyful.

A Brief Studio History

In 2018 we started a journey that lead us through graphic design, hand lettering, screen printing, and painting.

For three years we repeatedly transformed ourselves, developing expertise at a fiercely aggressive pace. We put in long hours honing skills and earning brush miles. (We also occasionally made time for hiking and sipping wine.)

By 2021 our efforts had consolidated around painting fine art canvases, murals, and commissions.

Today Hampton Visual offers some of the most moving, imaginative art available anywhere.

Lovely art, happy clients, giddy artists — just as it should be!

It’s still just the two of us running everything, meaning that if you email us, you’ll actually be emailing us!

We are so happy you’re here! Please check out our work and if you have any thoughts or questions, reach out and we will be in touch as soon as possible. We hope to see you soon!


Scott and Monica

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