Made with special materials such as crushed granite, soapstone, and Venetian plaster, these paintings feature rougher, textured surfaces that playfully interact with light.

Painted with light absorbing matte finishes, these paintings appear very soft to the eye. In some instances, reflective elements appear alongside matte elements for a dynamic effect.

Oragnic shapes and patterns inspired by the natural world, arranged in radial and linear rhythms. These unique patterns are drawn and painted entirely by hand, and no two are the same.

Areas of high reflection and shine are showcased in these paintings. Emphasizing lines and features of the artwork, light dances across the surface of these pieces.

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Hampton Visual work featured in Terrain 13

Hampton Visual had two very special pieces selected for Terrain 13.



Hampton Visual will be showcasing two paintings in Terrain 13 that have a long history in our studio.

In 2004, I created a small number of sculpted canvases. Uncertain of how to paint them at that time, the unpainted canvases were stored.

In early 2022 I pulled the canvases out of storage and began painting on them. It had finally become clear to me how these kinetic wall sculptures should interact with paint to tell a single story.

We are stoked that these two paintings will make their public display in Terrain 13!

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